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Consign Your Dance Costume or Skating Costume

Once More from the Top is your Skating and Dance Costume Consignment Shop. Are you interested in consigning with us?

We are currently accepting new costumes and look forward to helping you sell your old costumes and purchase new ones. There is no need to store piles of beautiful costumes in your closet or basement where they sit and gather dust. Why not help out another dancer in need of a beautiful costume and make some money as well?

How to consign your costume

Below, we detail how you consign (sell) your costumes with us:

STEP 1 - Consigning

Please email us pictures of your costume that you plan to sell. It is better to have an idea if a costume is sellable up front rather than you send it, and we return it as non-saleable.

We only accept higher-end costumes (competitive caliber). Basic recital/catalogue costumes simply won’t sell if others can purchase it from the same costume book/website you purchased it from. Your costume that was purchased from a store and re-designed must be heavily stoned or changed, extensively. Our clients are expecting competition ready costumes that are rhinestoned extensively or full of appliqués, feathers, silks, satins, etc.

STEP 2 – Consigning

Please look over the costume, carefully. Look for sweat and deodorant stains, missing beading/stones, pulls or tears in the fabric. If you look at the costume and you would not let your daughter wear it, then don’t consign it.

We only accept cleaned costumes!  Do not send us costumes that have not been cleaned. If you were to receive a costume from someone, you would not want a dirty one. We reserve the right to return them to you, at your expense, if they are too dirty. If we do have to wash them, we charge a $10 fee off the top of your sales. Also, make sure that the arm pits, and undergarment areas are CLEAN!!! You can clean your costumes by hand washing with Woolite or another gentle laundry detergent. If you have more than minimal (5) rhinestones missing or we have to repair your costume, an additional charge will be assessed based on labour fees to our company. If you can repair zippers, stones missing, rips, tears and beading yourself, please do so before sending us your items. We DO GO THROUGH EVERY COSTUME TO CHECK FOR DAMAGE AND CLEANLINESS!

There should be an index card attached to each costume/dress you are consigning. Inside each bag the following information should be on the card index card



Jane Doe

Dancer’s Name

Jessica Doe


123 Happy Avenue, Toronto M1B 2C3




Costume Description

Solo-jazz red stoned bra with red shorts and satin stoned wrap skirt

Pieces Included

(4) bra, shorts, skirt, hairpiece




Child L (size 10-12)

Price Paid


Asking Price


Don’t Sell Below



If you have a costume that you had as a solo and you simply do not want to sell it under a specific price, please write DO NOT SELL BELOW and the price next to it. If your costume comes in with a group, the group rate will have to be set at the same rate. If you send in group costumes, make sure all costumes have the same parts and pieces. Group costumes have to match in pieces and price. When sending in your costumes please package those in the large, clear Ziploc bags. There are Large, XL and 2XL big bags along with gallon size bags available for different types of costumes that can be folded neatly inside. Please don’t stuff your costumes into a bag that is too small to hold it as it may damage the costume. Please make sure all of the information above is on the card placed inside the bag. Local customers we can meet for pickup but please make sure you follow the same guidelines.

If you have a tutu, please contact us prior to shipping as these items cannot be shipped in the same manner

STEP 3 – Consigning 

When we receive your costume, we take pictures for the website and include it in our inventory. We determine the price of your costume based on how the market is trending, usually 50-75% of its original price. Based on previous experience and those of our other competitors, you are likely to only get about ½ of the purchase price on simpler costumes and higher for more extravagant ones. Be realistic and let us help you sell your costumes! We offer refunds within 7 days of purchase because we want our buyers to feel confident in buying from us and trust that we provide only the highest quality service and gently used costumes. Once the refund window has ended and payments are cleared we will send you the money by e-transfer to the email address that you provide in the contract. We do not mail cash or cheques.

Step 4 - Consigning

Our fee on the sale of your costume is 40 percent of the selling price of the costume plus tax and shipping. Our fee is based on the amount of time it takes us to inventory, appraise, and load the costumes on the site, as well as storing them for the period of the contract. Again, you will incur additional fees for the washing and repairing of your costume if deemed necessary. Once a costume is sold and we confirm that the costume will not be returned, we will send your money to you via E-transfer

Please view our inventory. Check back frequently as we are constantly adding more products to our site. You can also contact us at

Complete the attached Consignment Contract (pdf) and index cards (pdf) carefully.